Printing/Exporting Needs Improvement

I am loving; however, playing around with the Excel worksheet so that I can get the report I need takes me hours. Here are some of my suggestions for Exporting/Printing features to make reporting easier.

  1. Exporting/Printing just subitems
  2. Exporting/Printing board without group headings
  3. Remove the “power by” logo from excel sheets.
  4. Have the option to put your own logo on the exported excel or print
  5. Option to include board name on the excel sheet
  6. Option to include a timestamp on an excel sheet
  7. Option for formatting the board
  8. A option to print to pdf, word document, etc.

@elliek Agreed that the excel export doesn’t lend itself to easy reporting in excel.

However, having worked with for a number of years I think that may be intentional, as many charts that are used in excel can be achieved right in with the added benefit of up to date & live data:

There are also a number of PDF export options from the dashboard views. (Granted pdf printing does not lend to large tables of data, but is excellent for reports/ charts.)

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