Export to a Customized Excel Template or Printing a Board with Custom Settings

Hey community, our team uses monday boards to schedule our driver deliveries/pickups and I’ve long been on the look out for an easier way to print our boards. Our current workflow is not efficient at all as we basically have to export the board into an excel spreadsheet and then manually adjust font size, alternating row colors, move a column of information into a new row under each respective item row, etc. etc. In the past I had hoped that monday.com would allow some additional functionality to their general board print settings (including hiding columns, etc.) but that doesn’t seem like something they are interested in or have considered.

Today, I was excited by the DocuGen app, hoping that with their template functions I could customize and style each part of the board, but unfortunately, they are limited as to what can be styled how regarding fonts, size, row/column colors, adjusting the width of an individual column, etc. etc. Their support tech was very kind and worked with me for a while to try to find a solution, but as of right now their app doesn’t do what I’m trying to do.

Has anyone found or created a solution like this (with or without an additional app, though I’d prefer it not be a paid integration) that they would care to share? Thank you in advance!

Hey @bhowell. Sadly I have not seen any additional functionality around this, at least not to customize it to this level.

An option outside of monday (if you are consistently doing the same edits) would be to create a macro in Excel that you can trigger any time you do a new export.

I am not sure if you have worked with Macros in the past, but you can basically record the edits you are making in the sheet, save the macro with a shortcut and reuse each time you do an export from monday.

Likely not the answer you were looking for but maybe there is someone else in the community with some better options :slight_smile:


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hi @bhowell,

I came across this post from @JCorrell the other day Export to Excel - fixing formatting, branding and other issues

it looks like he is not currently working on it based on his last post. But throwing a vote there or getting the files might be worth your while.


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@timlittletech - thanks Tim. As I described this is using sets of Macros to complete. Depending the the specific needs developing your own macros is a quick solution to formatting issues.

@bhowell - below is a great video on utilizing macros in Excel. Have a look and hopefully you can find some success in your formatting fun!

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