Custom Excel templates for exporting.

Currently the exported Excel file looks vast & is does not look good for reports, containing lots of info. (too high rows, to wide columns, statuses passed on to excel with colors etc…)

Would be great to have an opportunity to create an Excel file the way you want it to be, upload to Monday as a template for exporting data from the board and map what data needs to be exported and to which columns.

Many people might be using the same huge board & have a need to report differently. So, it would also be great to be able to upload multiple Excel templates for export per one board.


Or at least improve the Export by Wrapping long content and removing branding and an option to export Clean (but Formatted) data, so that exporting a report and just printing a pdf out of it becomes super friendly.

Hi @alexross and @Prajwal

if you are okay with using third party apps, and haven’t seen Exported Excel Cleaner yet, you might wanna give it a try. It basically removes all the branding/formattings, and returns a plain Excel spreadsheet. On which you maybe want to run an Excel macro afterwards, that brings everything into shape to your needs. It’s probably still not an ideal workflow in your use cases, but I bet it’s less time consuming overall.

Regarding the idea of “injecting” preformatted Excel files like placeholders before export: We have that feature on the roadmap for our more sophisticated spreadsheet app Spreadsheet Gorilla. The apps’ core concept of turning your board into a “headless” spreadsheet template, which lets you map the board columns to spreadsheet columns, apply formulas and much more, might be a perfect match for exactly what you have described above, Alex. In addition to automated exports for sure.

If you want to share more about your requirements on this topic, feel free to let me know. I appreciate any input.

– Markus