Importing Excel Into Template Board

Hey everyone,
This might be really simple but I am just missing it. I have an excel file I want to upload and I have a board with the status colors the way I want it. (this is on the left for the image below)

I imported it but the status colors are different. I saved the column from the correct board and copied it over to the new board but it’s a pain to click on every cell and choose the correct option in a group. (see right column)

See pic for the example. Is there a more efficient way to do this because I have a lot more excel files to do!


Hello @kswiss50,

After you upload the Excel file, create the first column and format it, you can save it as a template. Once you save it as a template you will be able to incorporate this column in other boards. I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for.

Not exactly. The excel file has 10 columns and 6 of those use the same Status Column in However, when I upload the excel file it picks other colors
for the Statuses.

I was hoping to import my data into and then use the template overtop the current data to change the colors and order of options in the status column.