Column templates

Whenever we decide to add a column on a board we, in most cases, have to add the column to multiple boards (I will add an extensive description of our processes in the ‘ for…’ soon, which will explain why we work with so many boards).
Being able to add status and dropdown columns from templates via admin>customization>boards would save a lot of time. Thanks


Hey Eltjo

Thanks for sharing this. Really excited to see your workflow on for soon :slight_smile:
Regarding this feature request, can you confirm you’re asking to be able to make template lists of labels for adding status or dropdown columns to different boards? I.e. that one pre-determined list for statuses isn’t enough and you want this to work with dropdown too?

Thank you!

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Yes, have to take some time for it, but will do that asap

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That is totally correct!


Just came across this thread about column templates. Thanks for adding the column templates and for the way they are implemented in the boards. They have been proven easy to use and very useful.

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hey beware of using user templates because it has a bug. I have two same board structure Board 1 and Board 2. When I used my created status template, and moved pulses from board 1 to Board 2 I have lost the data in Board 2., @alex traila from suppert was able to recreate this problem. I don’t use custom templates anymore.

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