How to update labels in status column in all my boards

Hi all,

I’m using a status column in multiple boards. I’ve saved it as a template and I’ve added manually it in several boards.

But now, if I want to add a new label in that status column in all of my boards at once.

Is that possible ? Or should I update each column individually with the new added label ?



I use 5 boards with the same layout, this would be handy!

currently if i make an update i have to manually do it to all 5 boards!

I’ve heard that Master Templates for boards are in the works? (if you modify the master template, all boards based on it also receive the modification).

I really need this, Especially when i have 10 boards that are all being updated and using the same status color and name combo so that the charts populate correctly.

Did you find a solution?
I encounter the same issue…