How to copy status columns with labels to another existing board

I am wondering if this option is available because i am looking for it for al couple of years now. Just a simple solution to select one or more columns from a board and copy them to another existing board.

Can’t use a column template because i am using the non profit subsciption and not the enterprise subscription.

Hello @Marco234,
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You can use the Toolkit app to copy data across boards.

Hi Alfred,

Is it possible to just copy the colums without the data in that collumn? So just the statuscolumn and labels?

Hello @Marco234,
Could you please elaborate on that, because the labels within a status column is the data. What do you mean by ‘data’ here?

If the labels are the data, then this is my solution. Thanx! I will try it out.

For some reason the trial subscription has already expired, but maybe a collegue did some experimenting a while ago.

Please write to so that we can look into it

thanx, i already did send you an e-mail

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