Board Defaults - Ability to Create multiple Customized named Statuses for Items AND SUBITEMS

Would LOVE to be able to create MULTIPLE CUSTOM Status columns that could be selected when creating a new board. We often spend A LOT of time recreating the same “Status” columns so that we can easily sort by Department, Quarter Delivery date etc. Would SAVE SO MUCH TIME if we could create/name/save multiple Status columns in the current Board Default area and have the capability to select one when adding a new Status column.
Keeping my fingers crossed this is on the roadmap somewhere

Hello Allison, has the “Column templates” feature that gives the exact solution for you. BUT, this feature is available only to Enterprise subscription plan.
I also need that feature and I’m frustrated! How such a basic feature is available only to Enterprise?
Anyway, you can find out more here:


Thanks so much for the additional information Ozi! It is a great new feature.