New Board. Import Excel/CSV

Hey. I have default columns with specific formatting on each board. How can I import these columns from Excel without having to manually set the same specific formatting on each default columns?

It looks like I can’t do that, but I want to believe in the best. :slight_smile:

Hey @danetportal

I’m not sure I understand. You have specific formatting on the board? What do you mean by that? Are you asking if you can import an Excel spreadsheet to an existing board?

Hi, Julia.

I have a strictly defined format for each board, which I use to aggregate data when exporting via the API. I regularly have new boards, and therefore I want to use a specific template to quickly create them.

I was thinking about using import from Excel / CSV for this. However, even if I try to import an existing board from Monday, its original formatting will not be saved, and I will need to manually determine the type of columns and their state.

But in this case, it is not much different from creating a new board without import from Excel/CSV.

So now I’m not sure if I should leave the idea of using a template for a board or if there is some other way to solve this problem.

Since you’ve mentioned exporting via the API; maybe use the API to ingest the items into a board you define using script. You could create a API function to do the import from your spreadsheet file…?

Yes, I guess that’s what I’ll do. I’m even a little ashamed that I myself did not think about it. Thank you. :sweat_smile: