Excel Data Import into a specific Board Format

Hi everyone,
I want to import excel data into a new board into a specific format.
For example, column A will be the name of the group, then column B will be the items that exist underneath.
Column C is the start of the timeline date, column D is the end of the timeline date.
Please share if anyone has figure this out! Thank you

Hi Fiona

We are a monday.com partner and help companies import their existing data into monday. Unfortunately, you don’t really get far with the Excel import option. For more complicated cases like yours we use Integromat. For this we load the Excel into a Google document and iterate through the rows and so we can also fill in special fields. Unfortunately, this is not quite trivial, but it is a bit technical.

If you want to try it yourself you can use Integromat Basic for one month for free via this link :smiley:

Hope this helps!