Export/Import from Excel + How to merge two date columns?


I tried to export one board from Monday.com to Excel and the format that I get is quite OK. The only thing is that the timeline column gets divided in two different columns (Timeline - Start & Timeline - End). If I import the same Excel file, that’s where I find some limitations:

  • Only some types of columns can be selected (text, date or status).
  • The groups that I had on Monday.com are merged all together in just one group.
  • The timeline columns are imported as date columns and could be transformed to timeline type, but they stay separated.

With the first two points I could more or less survive without a solution (if any way to mitigate it would be nice), but is there any way to merge two timeline columns together (Timeline - Start & Timeline - End), so I only have one Timeline column with the start and end date together.


Hi @SimonAcu

The Excel import doesn’t handle monday timeline columns and in this scenario you indeed end up with a start and an end date. There is an app in the marketplace that converts these two dates back to a timeline. See: monday.com: Apps Marketplace