How do I create a timeline from two date columns?

I’ve integrated a form from Jotform into one of my boards and have a question about the timeline column.

I require my customers to complete an online form (through Jotform) to record the start and end date of their membership. Both the start and end dates go straight into the dates column on the board, but I then need a formula which creates a timeline for the dates entered once the form has been received.

The integration with Jotform does not support the timeline column. I’m aware the forms do support timeline, but I want to stick with the forms on Jotform as I have many other conditions set up for other questions.

Hi @natcrocstars ,

Yes, you’re right, if have had similar challenges when if worked with JotForm and You can use Integromat to create this kind of connection to you board getting the start and end dates from JotForm and combine them in the timelimen column.

Hope it helps!

hi @natcrocstars There is an app in the marketplace (Start + End = Timeline) that converts dates to timelines (or the other way around). You can do this with Integromat too but as a pre warning: handling times added to dates and timezones properly require a lot of thinking and decision making.

Hi @basdebruin, would you mind sharing the name of the app that does this conversion?

Hi @hscherer

This is the app I was referring to: Apps Marketplace

Excellent thank you! For some reason I wasn’t able to pull it up in a search.

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