Get an end date from a timeline

Hello everyone,

I have a timeline column defined with a start date and end date. I am able to get the end date through a formula column using {Timeline#End} or FORMAT_DATE({Timeline#End}). Until here everything is fine.

However, if a try to make a chart with the this formula column, will not recognize it a date, so all the date options (Group by Day, Week, Month, Year, etc.) are not available either.

Any idea of how to get it the end date with a date column or transform the formula column to a date format that will identify as date?

I know there is this app from the marketplace (Start + End = Timeline) that should work, but I wanted to do it just with

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @SimonAcu

A formula column is calculated inside the client (browser) and therefore not accessible by any automation etc. That is why we developed this Start + End = Timeline app. You can achieve the same with a more generic app, called General Caster. Or you can create a Make scenario. In all cases you are using a service outside That is your only option as the formula column is designed to work in the client.

Just curious about the reason you don’t want to use an external service for this.

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Thanks @basdebruin :slightly_smiling_face:

Answering your question, it’s just a matter of the time spent completing the security & privacy checks from the IT team for every new add-on. In addition, if any cost is added to the external service, a business case needs to be presented which adds even more time. That’s the main reason behind it :sweat_smile:

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hi @SimonAcu

Understood. These apps lives inside monday and connect at the backend to monday. Therefore security & privacy checks should not be to complicated. And for the costs… 37 Euro as a one time payment for all of your monday boards / users. I sincerely hope that these kind of costs do not require a business case, because the costs to create the business case is probably higher the the 37 Euro :slight_smile:

Yes, in this case the cost is not a big deal, it would be if that was a recurring cost and higher cost, as most of the apps.

Regarding privacy and security, when they see the following statement, all the alarms are triggered :upside_down_face:: "All apps in our marketplace are reviewed by our team for functionality and basic security, however, we do not endorse or certify any apps . As such, you should only install apps that you trust. When you install an app, you will see a list of permissions that the app will have access to.

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Just adding my voice to what SimonAcu wrote here. In any regulated industry or publicly traded company, the IT security reviews and business case process can easily take 6 months and a TON of effort – and still end up with a “no.” “Just add a third-party app, unsupported by the company, with uncertain longevity and security,” is not a good answer from any enterprise system.

Said another way: if third-party community members can develop the functionality where they can afford to sell it for one-time 37 Euros, then maybe should add the functionality native.

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