General Caster Timeline Formula

I am using the formula, “TEXT({item’s Timeline}, “YYYY-MM-DD”)” through the General Caster integration which is GC’s version of monday’s, “FORMAT_DATE({Timeline#End}, “DD MMM YYYY”)” However, I cannot figure out how to make GC code select the end date of the timeline. I’ve tried LATEST, RIGHT and END, nothing has worked. Please help @rob !

If you haven’t found a solution yet, here’s my take on it. GC returns the timeline in the format YYYY-MM-DD+YYYY-MM-DD, so to get the latter date you can simply count the characters from the RIGHT until you’re at the + sign.
So what you are looking for, I believe is: RIGHT({item's Timeline}, 10)
This is valid to be cast to a date column. The result should be the same as a regular formula with FORMAT_DATE({Timeline#End}, "YYYY-MM-DD")

Hope this helps.