Timeline update based on change in Start Date and using linked Duration column

Following on from this old thread I’m trying to get my timeline to update but cannot get it to work!

I’m using General Caster as shown below:

I’ve added this formula which processes and the log shows it succeeded but I also get a notification stating ‘an unexpected error occurred’:
CONCATENATE(TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Start Date}), “YYYY-MM-DD”), “+”, TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Start Date}) + {item’s Duration}-1, “YYYY-MM-DD”))

My Board looks like this:

Any ideas why the formula fails to update the Timeline when I change the Start Date?


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Hi Andrew,

While I have not used General Caster and am an sure why the error is occurring. It could be due to the format monday needs to receive timeline information in but am not sure how General Caster handles that. So I would reach out to them specifically as they should be able to help you fix the formula to get your result (assuming they can post to Timeline columns). .

I also have an app going through the review process right now that will allow you to set and update timeline columns. This will be one of the features that when a column changes you can set the start date of a timeline as another date column and keep the existing duration allowing you to update a timeline. If the timeline doesn’t exist you can use another recipe option that allows you to use a date column to set the start date and a number column to set the duration. You can see more here: Date & Timeline Mutations - simplifiedworkflows.com

Let me know if I can help in any other way.