Status Update based on Timeline End Date

I’m trying to use Caster to perform a calculation based on a date column ‘Despatch Date’ and a Timeline column where a separate Status column would change to ‘Late’ if the Timeline end date is after the Despatch date ie despatch date is going to be missed.
I have the following formula that doesn’t appear to work. Any ideas?

If({item’s Timeline#End}>{item’s Despatch Date}, “Late”)


Hey Andrew!

Can you try including an additional condition in the formula for when the timeline end date is not later than the despatch date?

For example: IF({Timeline#End} > {Despatch date} , "Late" , "On time")

Can you also confirm which general caster recipe you’re using? :pray:

Thanks for the advice.
I did get it to work in the end using Caster’s unique string for Timeline#End
This (in case anybody else needs it) is what worked.

If(TEXT(RIGHT({item’s Timeline}, 10), “YYYY-MM-DD”)>TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Despatch Date}), “YYYY-MM-DD”), “Late”, “On-Time”)

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Great to hear! Thank you for sharing Andrew!