Automating a timeline column based on date and number columns?

Hi All. I’m new to and to this support forum. Am loving the potential of but need some help in configuring it for my needs.

So, my first question is: can I automate the creation of a timeline based on a number column and a date column, or based on two date columns?

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Depedent on the workflow that you are trying to achieve the following seems to work for most in this scenario:

  1. Add a Timeline Column
  2. Go to the Setting of the Timeline > Connect with Duration
  3. Add a Duration Column
  4. Then you can input a duration in days and it will set the start date as today and the end date as far out as the duration.

This should accomplish at a basic level and opens up for scalable infrastructure within monday automations!

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You could also set up item default values so each time a new item is created you have a default timeline set.

The possibilities are endless with If you need help implementing or restructuring your boards, we at upstream tech can assist. Reach out for more info.

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Thanks for the reply both; these are great ideas.

I managed to find an integration (Start + End = Timeline) that uses two date columns to create a timeline, which is ideal.

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What integration were you able to put together for this? Having the same issue.

Hi Charles,

You can do it with the 3rd-party app called Advanced Formula Booster.

AFB has a function called TIMELINE() that either takes 2 dates or 1 date + 1 number.

So you only have to create a formula that casts the result of the function to your timeline column, like this: