1 start date +task durations = end date

Hi All,
I’m trying to add a start date to the first task in my project, then a duration to each task and then have the system work out the end date for me.
Currently my monday.com developer is telling me I have to added a start and end date to every task, this is crazy and doesn’t work for me at all. If something changes I would have to go back and manually change it all again!

This seems like the simplest of requests to me (a layman)
Thanks in advance for your support

Hi Charlie,

easy - Insert column “Timeline” - go to column settings and press “Connect with a duartion”.

Now you are able to adjust die timeline only by setting an duration time and an start date(last one only needed if it is not today, because “today” is default).

~ Silas :smiling_face:

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Having some problems here. I wonder if you have a solution?

Hi Charlie,

add those two automations, it will work bidirectionally, forward/backward:

~ Silas :smiling_face:


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