Making start due date and end due date for every task

i have have been little bit of research and i seen that most of you recommend Start + End = Timeline app from the market place
the problem is that i don’t think i can to make task from same date to same date any only from for example 4 pm to 5 pm
as you can see in the images i made task from today in 4 pm to today in 5 pm and it created in the timeline 3 of the same task for the whole day
and that’s my integration if any body ask

hi @eyalgi11

Welcome to the community! What I understand is that you want a timeline which has the time added to the start and end date. Unfortunately the monday timeline column does not allow to add time, it is always on days only.

hi very thanks for replying.
i not need that the timeline column itself be with time, i need that in the timeline view (or any other similar view) will be with time of start and finish like 4 pm to 5 pm