Better control and automation of Timeline column start\end dates

Hi All. For basic project management workflows as well as to fully utilize the new workload view\app, the timeline column really needs some love. There is significant lack of options to set the start and end dates other than manually picking them and few automatons that work with the start\end dates.

As an example, I have been working with support on this and I was just informed this simple workflow is not possible. I need to be able to set a project’s start date but then have the end date continue indefinitely on a timeline until it is “closed out” (such as with a checkbox or moving to a “closed out” group). So in essence the end date needs to be set to the function today() to show the project is “still on the books” and the corresponding people are still busy with it.

Hi @deceiver08, Devin

The scenario “extend a timeline every day (or whatever period you specify) until status reaches xxx” should be possible with Integromat. Send me a PM if you want to discuss in more detail.