Automate timeline start and end date based on status changes

We want an automation that allows the setting of the initial date as current date in a timeline column based on status changes, as well as the due date could be set with the current day plus x days. There is already automations that could do that but don’t support the timeline column. It could be great if this feature was added as a customizable automation.

Man, I’m thinking about this right now too. Dropped a vote for us. :+1:

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This is an important feature that I am looking for as well

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For me too, an automation I was just looking for

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hi @Susana , @keu_ask , @LZSafe , @biograf

There is some good news to share. You can install the app “Set Configurable Timeline” through this link. It will be added to the marketplace soon. Documentation is not ready yet, but the recipe is easy to understand. You can have multiple of these integration recipes on your board, like:


Hi @basdebruin this is so nice, thank you for the app. I tried it and it works, fantastic!

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This is great! I have already installed it and it is working perfectly.
Thank you for your help I really appreciate it!

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Oh thanks heaps. I ended up creating something using Integromat and webhooks which seems to do the trick. Let me know if you wanted to know more about the setup I did, please let me know.

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