Timeline date reminders

When setting time/date reminder automation for the timeline column, I’m using the attached automation. Does “Timeline” refer to the timeline START date or the timeline END date? I’d prefer the END date so people are notified and don’t miss a deadline. Is this possible?

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It is the end of the timeline so nothing to worry about :slight_smile: you’re all set!

Wonderful - thank you!

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Dear Team,

is it possible to do the same automation for the start date of a timeline?

We have also status “due date at risk” which means that the Issue is at risk because it didn’t start on time. And I’d prefer to have automation which could change the status from “Not started” to “due date at risk” if the start date was yesterday. And then I can do automation that notifies Lead if there is “due date at risk”.

I tried also to create an additional column, but then you need to manually set the date again, and then set the filter on Gannt diagram.

Another idea will to connect two separate date columns as “start date” and “due date” and see them as a period in “timeline view”.

Hope some of this is possible!