Timeline date reminders

When setting time/date reminder automation for the timeline column, I’m using the attached automation. Does “Timeline” refer to the timeline START date or the timeline END date? I’d prefer the END date so people are notified and don’t miss a deadline. Is this possible?

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It is the end of the timeline so nothing to worry about :slight_smile: you’re all set!

Wonderful - thank you!

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Dear Team,

is it possible to do the same automation for the start date of a timeline?

We have also status “due date at risk” which means that the Issue is at risk because it didn’t start on time. And I’d prefer to have automation which could change the status from “Not started” to “due date at risk” if the start date was yesterday. And then I can do automation that notifies Lead if there is “due date at risk”.

I tried also to create an additional column, but then you need to manually set the date again, and then set the filter on Gannt diagram.

Another idea will to connect two separate date columns as “start date” and “due date” and see them as a period in “timeline view”.

Hope some of this is possible!

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This would be useful as a reminder for someone to get started on items!

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Hi @Anastasiia
I think I understand your request. I think a workaround for now would be to have just an extra date column for start date and then the timeline showing the full expected timeline of the task/project.

Then you can use "If date arrives and status is “not started”, change status to “due date at risk”.

I know it’s not ideal to have the extra column but would it perhaps work for you?

Hi Julia,

Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, it would not work for us, because all date columns appear on Gant diagram and timeline view starts to be messy. Off course, I can filter out some columns, but we have 50 Users on different boards with the same problem. So it is impossible to use filter each time.

Thanks @Anastasiia! I’m not sure I understood - can you send some more information including screenshots showing the issue you describe?

Speaking of this, it’s horrible that all dates appear on the timeline/gantt diagram! It appears to let us de-select them, but in reality, they all still show. We want to use the automation and formula functionality of date columns so we have a due date and the timeline column on boards, making the timeline view useless essentially :frowning:

Dear @Julia-monday.com ,

please find attached screenshots. As you can see, I have only 3 Issue, but 6 time periods on Timeline view. So if I would have 50 Issues it will be messy.

That is why the best sollution will be to make Timeline column working as real timeline, with start and end date.

Hey there @Anastasiia

What happens if you open up the settings (cog) button on the Timeline view itself (top right)?

Do you see the option there to uncheck the Start date field?


Hi @Julia-monday.com

Yes, I see it, and I’ve already checked that if I made changes there, it keeps the same for all*. But I will still have an additional column, which should be fulfilled manually. And the main idea of using Monday.com is to get rid of manual work.

*it will be helpful to see how it will look like for other subscribers.