Create item timeline from date fields

Goal: I’d like to be able to set up an automation to create a new item in a board and be able to push the values from two date fields to become the start and end dates of the timeline column on the new item.

For example

Source Item
Start Date: 12/9/2022
End Date: 12/31/2022

New Item
Timeline: 12/9/2022-12/31/2022


Timelines are extremely helpful for visualizing time periods, but they cannot be populated by integrations, or by imported csv data. While it’s a hassle, we can manually enter the timelines for our legacy data. However we have some forms that require more complicated conditional logic than Monday forms can provide and so rely on data collection through JotForms. However the integration cannot push any information into the timeline column which results in us either needed to manually populate the timeline field, or forgo its use entirely.

Note: I wasn’t able to find an existing request for this, but please let me know if I missed it and I’ll be happy to shift to an upvote on the older item.

Hi @rowan - you can use General Caster to take two date fields and concatenate into a timeline.

The formula would be: CONCATENATE({Item’s Start Date}, “+”, {Item’s End Date})

The app does have a free tier based on usage.

Hope this helps!

Alternatively, this app will keep dates and timeline in sync. And it is just a small one-time fee :slight_smile:

I do not believe a 3rd party product should need to be purchased for this enhancement.

I agree multiple date fields should be able to be brought into the timeline and the timeline should update according date field changes.

This is very much needed for product management.


I agree! This is an incredible important feature, and one that is incredibly easy to generate using a formula in Excel.

Just because a paid app can handle this feature doesn’t mean Monday should stop innovating for their paying customers. Otherwise it starts to feel like Monday is deliberately stunting the growth of its product in favor of marketplace developers and their paid apps.

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