Include hours in Timeline selection

We love that we can now include the hour in a deadline/due date. But we would love to have that ability also for the timeline start and end dates/times.

As an example, we need to track the times that our researchers are out doing interviews. This is partly for project flow, but also for staff safety so that we know when to expect to finish since they are going into people’s homes. Since an interview happens on a single day, timeline on a day basis isn’t sufficient to know when they will be in and out. Also, if they have multiple interviews in a day, we can’t see which order they occur in. So having start and end times within a day would be really helpful for planning interviews and tracking staff.

I’m sure this would also be helpful for task management when planning discrete tasks that need to happen at certain times in other projects, sort of like a mini calendar. And depending on the timeline/calendar view used, you could see an overview on a day-to-day basis or get more granular for an hour-to-hour basis.


Hey @Glenda,

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Thanks for the feedback - I think you’re asking for an hourly view of the timeline and that’s something we’ve heard from other users!

We’re going to be making some improvements for resource planning in the near future so I do think this is one of the features which will be considered as part of those. Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, does a combination of the date column with time and the calendar view help?


Love this idea for an hourly timeline option and glad to hear it’s on the plans For us it would be great in partnership with the dependency columns for our event days. Would allow us to ensure the agenda is well organised and timed well.


We are currently using the date column with time and the calendar view to manage this. The catch is that with this approach it only shows up as a 1/2 hour block, yet our interviews can go for anywhere from 1-2 hours, so it doesn’t fully demonstrate the time commitment for the task.

As a workaround, we’ve added two additional hour columns for Start and Finish, so that in Table view we can see how long they will be at the interviews. But it’s clunky this way so a timeline hourly view would be much better.

6 Likes Any updates on the roadmap for this? For Resource management this is a critical feature for us


Hey @igriboff! Brett here :slight_smile:

Just to make sure I am aligned on the functionality you need as well, as you looking for end times on a date column or timeline as well?

I know our team is working on adding the end time for date columns, which would allow you to choose blocks of time for specific tasks!

Would love any more info you can provide on your workflow/feedback.



Hey Brett

We need to be able to plan task by time (in hours not just time). Our task will be linked to a starting and an endtime.

Also we need a bidirectional way to sync task to outlook and get events from outlook so we dont plan tasks in monday over time already booked in outlook.

In the end we would like to get a way better projectmanagment workflow, workload overview and reporting for things like completion, projects that are overdue or not touched for xy days.

I evaluated many tools and found none that can do that, not even jira. I would love to use monday, but that is a dealbreaker. If it helps im happy to provide more infos by a teamsmeeting or whatever tool you prefer.

I can probably show you way more in detail how we work. My english is not the best but it should be enough to talk you trough.



Hi Brett,
End time on the date column would work for us as well!

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Hi Tobias,

Did you find a solution to this as this is our issue as well.



Just wanted to say we would also appreciate this feature.

We current use the time on the date column and have two date column, one form start date and time and another for end date and time. But it doesn’t allow is to sync with our calendars so it creates a bit of a mess when items change on the calendar but not on or when it changes on and not the calendar.


This would be a great inclusion. Has there been any more progress on this? This would be particularly handy for run sheets for the events industry (our industry). this is a really crucial feature for us to be able to schedule engineers on an hourly basis. The timeline column is great, it would be useful even if you were able to add the same time functionality to that as the date column. It would be really appreciated!!


This would be extremely useful for us as well - adding both a start and end time as well as start and end dates.


I just want to second that the end time on the date column would also work really well for us.

Any news on how long away this feature is?

That would be a nice feature.

Also, it would be nice to be able to estimate tasks in hours, and that they will be displayed in the google calendar at that time so that not all tasks needs to be days. I’ve got lots of small tasks during the day, and in my google calendar it’s just stacked at the top and not very easy to overview.
It would be nice too, if I change a time in the google calendar, that it changes in monday, so I can move my tasks around.
Lastly, tasks done should not be shown in the google calendar.


This is great news

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Yes, totally agree. I find myself quite often clicking on tasks in the agenda that already have a Done status.
What helped me was to use an automation to change the date column to ‘now’ when status is set to Done. No more Done tasks in the future but this automation isn’t desired in some cases.

Two way syncing with the calendar would be awesome offcourse


Any news on this front? We also need to program blocks of hours and the 1/2 hour its just not working to sync with a real calendar.


Yes - It would be very good to have the status on this. Being able to add blocks of hours is very important.


I know our team is working on adding the end time for date columns, which would allow you to choose blocks of time for specific tasks!

Maybe I missed it, but is there any update on this. Almost a year has gone by without the mention of end times either for date or timeline columns. Maybe something changed somehwere else to achieve this. But: Is there any news on this crucial feature?