My Work and Timelines

Hi there!

My team absolutely loves the timeline view! We use it to help work with workloads and determine who is working on what, but unfortunately the way that My Work sorts timeline dates is by the final date only. So something that we set a timeline as something that should be worked on over 2 weeks ends up showing on someones radar (because of how many things we assign in monday) once it reached the this week grouping.

It would be great if My Work put work that was suppose to be worked on (or within the timeline) on Today or This Week so we don’t have to search and remember what work as based on timelines and deadlines.

This would be super beneficial for our team as well. When the later date is pulled, it can very easily be missed. For example if a 10 day task isn’t noticed because it gets pushed to the later category in the “My Work” view, the task is now behind schedule because it was not started on time.

The suggested work around provided to me by support was creating a dashboard, but on the pro plan we are limited to 10 boards per dashboard which we often exceed and would require a lot of manual upkeep to rotate the correct projects onto a dashboard.

I was thinking about setting up the dates on our boards using 2 date columns (Start Date and End Date), but this then limits the functionality of the Gantt and Timeline views so I don’t think that is a solution that will work for us either.

It would be great to have a toggle or something similar that you can chose to select the earlier or later date when using timeline columns in the “My Work” view.

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