Availability / what currently working on template

Hello we have a client that is looking for the following: .

I just want an easy way to

  1. How much of your time is open by day or week

  2. How much you are owed and when it’s due

  3. See what you are working on and when (not to micromanage you, just something where I can look and see “ok, he’s working on X project all day today, so it will probably be done tmrw”)

if this was done in Monday, it would be awesome to link to the actual pulses for stuff you’re working on. Not sure how much of that is possible or realistic.

Any help or ideas with this would be a huge help. Thanks everyone!

Hey Preston. I get how 1 & 2 connect but how does #3 get looped in to the scenario?

Hi Preston,

First - welcome to the monday.com community! Thanks for joining.

I would definitely recommend the Timeline column for questions 1 & 3. It’s going to be a solid way to assign (per pulse) a visual indicator of what’s happening, when, and to whom it’s assigned. The first issue that comes up here is that this is on a per board basis - there’s an immediate answer to this, and it’s the Timeline Widget, available on our Dashboards. That will allow you to visualize Timeline columns from multiple boards at once, and even filter down to the individual level. Workforce managers will find it a very helpful tool.

The Timeline only goes down to the day at this point (we’re considering how to incorporate hours at the moment), but for the more granular day-to-day activity, we do offer calendar integrations with our Date column, which does support hours. Shoot us an email at support@monday.com if we can help with the finer points of setup!

For Question 2 - I’m inclined to recommend a combination of the Formula, Number, and Date columns. Can you tell me a bit more about their specific use case? I’d be happy to work up a more tailored recommendation, but certainly those columns would be a great starting point.

Thanks, and again - welcome!