User Inquiry: Getting started with a time tracking use case

To get started with a few of our boards we need to be able to enter hours per week per activity, and be able to change the hours entered per week at any given point in time throughout the year. We saw it demonstrated during the sales process (the rep literally showed us an example with 52 columns built out for the year), but we’re now having trouble replicating what we saw, despite hours of searching FAQ’s, videos, etc. via …and our rep nor their support line will get back to us.

Any seasoned users that can write back and tell us specifically how to set this up? If so, much appreciated!


Welcome to the community Doug!

Hard to determine exactly what you need from the info provided, but it sounds like you just want to make 52 columns, Number Columns to be exact, and then name them the week # or the date range? You want to enter number of hours each week per line item right?

So if you are on the board, find the black and white “+” button on the far right and choose “Numbers”, then format the column how you like. Then you can either duplicate it or keep hitting + to add more numbers columns. Add 52, name them and then you are all set.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need more info.

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andrewwalmand …thanks so much! if we do it that way, will that enable us to then do the resource management view dashboard to see where hours potentially overlap between boards, etc.?

will that enable us to then do the resource management view dashboard

Probably? Resource Management in Dashboard requires a few things to process, numbers, people and I think dates of some kind. So if you also have a people column and a date column on your line item then yes it should work.

to see where hours potentially overlap between boards

I can’t answer this without more info regarding your other boards. Would really need your overall layout/workflow within Monday.

I find it best to just start creating boards, try to make the dashboard, and then adjust the boards as needed to fit within the dashboard requirements.

@dfreeman sounds like there is more going on then just how many hours per week you are spending on a given activity. I agree with Andrew here that jumping in through some trial and error is the best way to get started.

I’d be happy to help if you want to share more details about the boards you have set up and what you are trying to accomplish. I have set up for many different use-cases for folks including using the allocation / resource management dashboard.

If you would like we can schedule a call for an initial 30m discussion and get you started. If you decide you need more help after that we can discuss working together more formally. Calendly - Tim Little

regards and good luck on your journey.

Thanks so much Tim! Scheduled an intro session for us this Thursday. Look forward to meeting you then. All the best.

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