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Hi Everyone,

My name is Rachel Leigh and I am a Senior, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at I work with large accounts, helping them to become more efficient in their day to day work lives. I wanted to share with you a topic that comes up regularly- Timesheet Reporting

Many of you are already using monday to track tasks, so why not utilise the tool further to track how much time is spent on these tasks and is this time being spent wisely?

This can help you to identify:

  • Which tasks take longer or shorter than expected.
  • Do you need to allocate more or less resources in these areas due to the time spent?
  • Are you spending too much time on a particular area and not enough in areas that can help grow your business further?
  • Are some employees working more than others?
  • Are you billing your customers correctly, in accordance to time spent on their account?

I’ve made this short video which explains how to set up boards and some suggestions on the types of insights you can get from your board(s):

To summarize how I set up the board

I added columns to capture the data points I wanted to review:

  • Number column for time spent
  • Person column- who spent this time
  • Status column to track area/customer/project being worked on
  • Numbers for billable or non billable time
  • Formula to calculate into hours or days

And for any other data point that is important to you, add a column to reflect this information.

Other suggestions:

You can have a board per person, or you can have everyone work off of the same board depending on your needs.

To take this a step further, you may want to link to other project boards so on the timesheet board users can reference other boards and where they have spent their time- this can also be pulled into nice reports as to which board and which item have they dedicated their time to.

Once you have this data within the board(s) you can add some amazing charts with the chart view, to visualise where the teams’ time is being spent. You can then make data driven decisions off of this data such as reallocating resources, dedicating more time to certain areas that need further attention etc.

I hope you find this useful!


Thanks for this @Rachelleigh

I’ve be interested in seeing how to power these dashboards using the Time Tracking column with tasks sourced from project boards. Team Members rarely allocate tasks to themselves - this would normally be done by a project manager from a project board. Team Members are also unlikely to get involved in deciding what’s billable, so this would normally be determined by the project manager on task creation.


@stuttters you said what I thought.
@Rachelleigh the Monday company needs to understand that the reallity of who uses the system, is exacly what @stuttters said. We need to use Timetracking Column. I had to develop other system, to read this contents because Monday doesn’t have the feature to understand and centralize in one report of different boards.
Please hear us.

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@robertogentile @stutters you are absolutely correct. This board is based off of something I built with a customer who wanted their team to update if it was billable or not as they were responsible for this. The video is a loose suggestion of how it monday can be used for timet racking, but it is up to your and your internal processes to determine what columns you have and who will be responsible for updating them.

You can of course adjust this board to suit your specific needs- that’s the beauty on after all.
You can add a time tracking column and create reports from this if you prefer- I wanted to show this use case in a simple form to accommodate for all types of users. We love to hear that users like yourselves are using monday is a more advanced way and developing tool to sit on top of


Thank you for this. If you see, it’s the most important for who control our team using timetracking.
Please, put on top, it’s important :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Rachelleigh IS there a way to see time sheets that are based on Timelogs? I just tried to figure it out and was unable to. My biggest issue is that when I create a dashboard to see the # hours worked by someone in a day, week, or month I cannot see any details for the logs rolling up.

So of Joe works on Task 1 for 3 hours on Monday and 2 hours on Wed; and then he works on Task 2 for an hour, I can currently see that he worked 6 hours this week, but I cannot see the detail that it was Task 1 for 5 hours and Task 2 for 1 hour.

The split mode view on dashboards SHOULD only show the task with time logs for a particular time period but the split mode shows all tasks for all boards so it’s pretty useless


Completely agree @llevito - this is something I am after as well. Really frustrating that this information is not readily available but is for other software.

Hi and thanks for this @Rachelleigh
I’ve been having a go at a similar set of timesheets, with the available project codes on one board and with the team member boards as separate boards and then using the connected boards link so they can all see the master list of project codes.
The timesheet dashboard works well, showing all booked hours against either month or project code, but I am now trying to find a way of feeding back the total hours booked across all the timesheets (which is visible on the dashboard) back into my master project code board.
I can’t get the connected boards linkage working correctly that way round, but it’s quite possible I am going about this the wrong way (still new to . Is this possible?
Thank you

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