Analysis of Employee and Client time

I wonder if anyone might have a solution.
We currently have a board for each client. Anyone can enter time in tasks related to those clients. However we are having a tough time analyzing the data as to how much time someone is spending on a particular client or client project. Also where everyone’s time in a month has gone too.
Is there a reporting function I’m missing? Or a way to get this information aggregated somewhere to download and analyze?
Thank you.

How many client boards are involved, @WhitneyWells ? You could use a Dashboard but that will only consolidate time from a set amount of boards, depending on which plan level you have.

There are a lot of ways to consolidate and report information, from exports to the new Screenful app - reports: Advanced custom report & analytics for — Screenful

Just depends on how your data is organized which one will work best. If you’d like to schedule a time to chat about this on Zoom, you can book a time with me here: Book Polished Geek: more with

35 client boards + 3 for team members. We have a dashboard that shows how much time a team member has each day/week/month. but we can’t really pull anything to analyze and compare data. The reports function within Monday seems to just be an excel export that is really not helpful. I took a look at Screenful awhile ago and could just never figure out how to gain the right reports. I wonder if we maybe don’t have our Monday workspaces/flow set up correctly to get the information we need.

Quite possible that’s the underlying problem, hard to tell without seeing your boards though. Can you share some screenshots of how they are organized?

Maybe reorganize, having boards for team members and their tasks, using tagging to identify clients.