Employee time and utilisation tracking

hours available. Our employees contracted hours are typically 7.5 hours per day. I would like to track the utilisation of the time across the 7.5 hours to identify spare capacity we could schedule to help other teams.

I would also like to be able to report on this as hours helping other teams would result in some internal billing of time.

I have played around and think Monday might be a good fit, but have come across a few challenges.

  1. Not sure how I can produce an indicator of time used against contracted time. I’m not very good with the calculations.
  2. Not sure the best setup for recording the tasks. I was thinking in a timesheet format coding to project/task, but I then have the problem of how do I make the timesheet reusable each week/month.

In an ideal situation, I would like to achieve something similar to Harvest which tracks time well.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


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Hi Steven

Thank you for posting! I’m sure monday.com can work for your needs :slight_smile: and happy to help figure out the best setup for your workflow!

You can use a formula column to deduct the actual time worked from the contracted time column values. It would be best for me to see a screenshot of your current setup or as far as you have got, so I can advise on the best formula. This article is a great starting point.

We are also about to change our chart view to allow for multiple column values on the X axis which I think would be a great way to see actual time worked vs contracted time in a more visual representation. To see the capabilities so far, check this article out.

Regarding task tracking, can you give a bit more information on what these tasks look like? Are they recurring tasks which they do every week/month or are you just worried about the layout of task lists per time period?

Have you checked the time tracking column? If not, here’s the article about that.

Any more info you can provide will help us to come up with a great solution for you :slight_smile:

Hi Julia,

Thank you for reaching out to help. I’ve attached a screenshot for you to see the work so far, everything is experimental and flexible for now.

The tasks will not be reoccurring but we will want to be able to view working time worked against the tasks and also a sum of the users time across a day/week/month against contracted hours to allow us to identify where we are not fully utilising a resource. typical 7.5 hours capacity vs actual work logged etc.

I hope this helps.

I think the board you’ve added above is how to track the tasks the team are working on within a specific period of time. It looks fine - One suggestion, have you considered changing the group names to periods of time like weeks, two weekly iterations or months? You could then just add more groups each time period and add new tasks into the group, keeping the structure the same and not needing new boards each time? You will then also have a good history on one board.

In terms of seeing the time tracked per person per period of time, you should check out the time tracking widget in the dashboards - article here.

I think you need another board which will show the number of days each team member worked within a period of time, assuming they don’t work every day?

How about having a board for each month? Each group can represent a person and then list all of the days they worked in that month as items, with a date column showing the date worked, and a numbers column which shows 7.5 hours per day worked?

You can then use a numbers widget per person to total the number of hours worked for the month which you can display on the dashboard against the time tracked within that month?

Let me know if you want more help visualizing this?

Thank you Julia,

I’ve given this a try and I can see how this could work. I think what I need to understand now is how to express the time worked in number format. This would then hopefully let me display actual hours versus capacity and for me to show spare capacity. I guess I want to be able to perform calculations from time worked, I’m just not sure how to do that.