Timeline and the My Work section

Hello everyone, I would like to ask how to solve the problem where I have long-term tasks specified using a timeline field in which I have the start and end of the execution. However, in the My Work section, this tasks are displayed to users based on the planned end date (“end date” from the timeline field). If the users follow the tasks in the My Work section only for the given week, they will find this long-term task only in the last week before deadline. Shouldn’t the tasks from the timeline show permanently in the My Work section? How has it worked for you to use the timeline and track tasks in the My Work section at the same time?

Hi @petr ,

This is a flaw in the Monday.com My Work view with the timeline column that I have found as well. I believe the best solution would be an option to show your My Work view based off of the timeline start date or the timeline end date maybe via toggle in the customization settings.

There is an existing feature request here - My Work and Timelines - #7 by torrie

Be sure to vote and comment your use case. The more attention this feature request gets, the more likely it is to get in front of the dev team at Monday to implement.

I have exactly the same opinion. It’s a bug in My Work design, please everyone to point it out and vote: My Work and Timelines - #7 by torrie

Hi, I use “Reminder date” - date used in the view “My work”, it is not a deadline but date when the task requires attention
Deadline” - a real deadline for the task (informative, visible in detail)

Hi, Tomas, thank you for the idea.

How did you set the “Reminder date”, please? Is it a classic “Date” column where you manually select a date to display the task in the “My Work” section? Have you tried setting it automatically to the same date as the start of the Timeline? I wouldn’t want to worry about another date…

I set the reminder date manually, it helps me organize my work as a “task queue”. Automation would be possible, but it depends on the organization of the work. The main topic is to keep deadline (date) and reminder date separated.

Thank you for the explanation. If I add a new column with a date, each user must set the tracking of this column in “Customize My Work”. I can’t automatically set it up for them as an admin, can I?