Timeline Dates in My Week

I am new to MONDAY and really like the framework in general. However, the MY WEEK view is, frankly, quite terrible when it comes to timelines. Here is the issues I have with it:

When I use timelines instead of due dates, the respective items only appear in MY WEEK when the timeline is running out that same week. So, when someone is assigned to something in the timeframe Oct 1st until Nov 15th, he only sees this task in MY WEEK when it is already almost mid-november. Why? I mean, why? I can see that some people would like to do everything at the last minute, but I would much rather like to see what is on my plate way in advance. This HAS to be changed or at least it needs to become an option. Really, all it would take would be for the MY WEEK view to include an “Everything that’s on my plate” category, in addition to TODAY, EARLIER THIS WEEK etc.

To be clear, it will be impossible to get people on board in my work context when this basic issue would need a workaround (and I did try some, but nothing worked satisfyingly). This, in other words, is a potential dealbreaker for us and would, if unresolved, mean the cancellation of our subscription.

+1 for this feature request. Strange that there is no response on this request since I think a lot of user will benefit from this really good enhancement on the My week.

It is being discussed in another thread as wel Active Timeline, in My Week, for a task due at a later week

Same here,

When using a timeline for a project it means you are working on it during that period of time.
When the timeline ends next week it means you have to work on that project this week.

This seems like a no-brainer, I wonder what the hold up or hesitation is?

This issue has caused a lot of projects to be rushed on the back end, because team members weren’t aware they needed to be working on it in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

Anyone have any plausible workarounds, even if they aren’t pretty?

My best solution thus far has been reminders to team members a couple days out of the deadline… but it really sucks that it’s not a feature of My Week – something I’ve worked hard to integrate into my whole team’s workflow.

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To be honest, the ‘my week’ agenda is useless the way it is because if any of your task/pulse timelines are more than a single day, ‘my week’ doesn’t tell you they need working on (apart from on the last day)! I tend to leave things to the last minute, but scheduling software that encourages this is ridiculous! :grin:

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And to follow up the last comment, I’m not sure how to have timelines be useful for our managers and team leads who have to keep up with multi-day tasks to complete across many boards.

As an advocate for Monday in our company, I want to advise everyone to make My Week their one-stop-shop for tasks needing their time. However, that’s not a viable option if staff don’t see active tasks there in their current week from the start of the timeline date range; expecting staff instead to regularly “browse forward” to see what’s coming up in future weeks would be an unfulfilled wish ending in disappointment.

Hi everyone! Melissa here from the monday support team :wave:

First of all, I want to say thank you for adding to the discussion and sharing all of these great details. You’re all correct that, at this time, when using a Timeline Column in My Week, it will only show up for the week where the end date falls.

I definitely see how it would be useful to show for all weeks, so I would be happy to share this feedback with our product team!

In the meantime as a workaround, you could make use of subitems to create different ‘milestones’ in order to display additional dates in My Week for your full timeline.

You can use subitems to assign and manage smaller tasks under your parent items, and then use the ‘Show summary on parent item’ option to roll these dates up into one summary on your parent item. This will display your dates in a timeline format on the parent item.

This way, you can keep using a timeline view of your project or task date range, but have individual tasks listed in subitems which should also show up in My Week :slight_smile:

Hello Melissa, I believe there have been similar threads posted back in 2019 which have received the same response from a monday.com representative. Can you give some kind of indication if is this issue will be looked at soon? It limits the practical use of “my week” when you are dealing with tasks that you need to work on across multiple weeks. Adding subtasks just to get the my week view working goes against the idea of making my workflow faster, which I think is what monday.com is meant to help with?