Active Timeline, in My Week, for a task due at a later week

Say I have a pulse who’s Timeline is 12/17 - 1/28 with a due date of 1/28.

Today is 12/17 and I want this pulse to appear in My Week as I know I should be working on this (given the active timeline), even though the due date is 1/28.

Is there a way to make this appear in My Week?


I’d like to know too!

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Hey @Joris & @chrisz

My Week will show you what is coming up the next week or the week that you are on. If you would like to see that item/pulse you would need to forward so it can appear in that range.

That said a better tool in this scenario is Search Everything. There you can select items/pulses that are assigned to you and then you can play with any status or filter the date:

Let me know what you think.


This is a great question. I am going to bring this topic up as a feature request.

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This would be awesome!

We work in sprints of 2 weeks and most items do not have deadline column, but should be dealt with in those two weeks.

Were can i vote for this feature.

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Completely agree,
When the deadline is next monday and you should be working on it this week,
it does not appear in my week. Even when the time-line includes this week.

@mpmcqueen did you make a feature request already? I would like to vote too :wink:

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Hi @mpmcqueen, did you already created the request? Still think this would empower the My week overview. I would like to vote on the request. Thanks

[edit] found it

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I’m so glad others are talking about this. Some of my tasks can take weeks and I’ve ended up having to rush work because the timeline item never showed up on My Week until the week it was due.