Active Timeline, in My Week, for a task due at a later week

Say I have a pulse who’s Timeline is 12/17 - 1/28 with a due date of 1/28.

Today is 12/17 and I want this pulse to appear in My Week as I know I should be working on this (given the active timeline), even though the due date is 1/28.

Is there a way to make this appear in My Week?

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I’d like to know too!

Hey @Joris & @chrisz

My Week will show you what is coming up the next week or the week that you are on. If you would like to see that item/pulse you would need to forward so it can appear in that range.

That said a better tool in this scenario is Search Everything. There you can select items/pulses that are assigned to you and then you can play with any status or filter the date:

Let me know what you think.