Can I link a pulse timeline with subtask date?

After adding subtasks to a pule, and adding a due date to those subtasks, I would like those dates to be factored into the timeline.

For example, if my pulse timeline is set to Jan 1 - Jan 15, but then I add a date in the subtask that is Jan 16, the pulse timeline should update to Jan 1 - Jan 16.

Currently I need to do this manually, but I am curious if anyone else has a workaround or automation they’ve setup to get this to work.

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hi @bysam

Which timeline column do you use at the boardlevel. One created yourself or the one created by setting the “show summary on parent item”. It works for me as long as I use the timeline column generated by setting this “show summary on parent item” setting.

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Yep! That looks to be exactly what I was looking for. Thank you