Parent timeline syncs with subtask timeline


I would like to make a timeline column of the parent task be linked and changed by the earliest and latest of the subitems timeline column? Note: the option to show a summary column, is just a mirror column, and you cant use this for dependencies so doesn’t help us. Any suggestions on how to work aroudn this?

Well, I was going to suggest the summary method, but yeah if the the lack of dependency functionality is an issue for you, then that won’t work. I’ve got another thread tied to just straight up asking for Dependency Automation to work with subitems over here, but I’m adding a vote to yours as well since it’s another approach to resolving some of the underlying issues I’m seeing.

@GavinPowell You would need to heavily promote your request by participating on the community because just 2 Votes is not going to make this happen

I would also really appreciate this feature! Thanks for creating this request!