Sub-item timelines not linked to parent timeline

Human error gets all tied up in the fact that an item timeline is not linked to its child items.


Currently, the Parent Timeline does not automatically update based on the date entries of its sub-items. The parent timeline should always display the start date of the first sub-item and the finish date of the last sub-item (as the subitems timeline displays).

Having two separate timeline columns, one for parent items and another for sub-items is not user friendly and takes up additional space on the board. There should never be an instance where the parent timeline would differ from its subitems.

I reached out to support and was asked to submit this request as well.

Requesting to merge programming configurations for the Subitems Timeline into the Parent Timeline.

hi @AngelaVelasco

Welcome to the community!. The app Rollup Subitems takes the timeline form the subitems (if available) and put the summarized timeline in a timeline column in the parent item. With this you don’t need to have two timeline columns in your parent item. The app can rollup other columns too and supports filtering. The data is written to normal columns in the parent item.

Hello Bas and thank you for your recommendation!

I installed the Rollup Subitems app > added it to my workspace & board > adding the following automation:

“Watch Timeline in subitems and aggregate subitems data to Timeline, displaying the Timeline. Apply None filter on the subitems.”

After adding this automation, I then tried to move around dates within the subitems timeline, but it’s not updating its parent timeline.

Can you please help? Thanks!

Hi @AngelaVelasco

It looks like you forgot the prerequisite step (see the HowTo document) to tell the app which events to act on.

@basdebruin Thank you, can you please direct me to the HowTo Document? I couldn’t locate it within the Support link or app info.

hi @AngelaVelasco

In you monday account you can click your avatar > Administration > Apps > click the app’s name. A window pops up with a “How to Use” tab.

At the Excellent Team app-store there is a listing for this app at 25|Rollup Subitems - Excellent Team. The HowTo link overhere is called “Details” (will change that soon.

Both point to the same document at

@basdebruin Thank you SO much for directing me to the How To Document! I was able to successfully automate my subitem timelines to display within my parent timelines. I truly appreciate your recommendation and help. Thank you again!