Merging subitem timeline/date column to parent timeline/date column

Hello, This is a request to merge subitem timeline/date column value to parent timeline/date column. In this use case, some projects have only single release (parent item) while some projects have multi releases (subitems).

We want to add the timeline/date to parent item for single line items and for projects with subitems we want to add the timeline/date at the subitem that should merge into the same column as parent timeline/date column. I am not looking to add summary of sub item as that will create another column.

Hi @mamta

The app Rollup Subitems (see Apps Marketplace) can do that. It summarizes the subitems timeline into to parent item. Different for the option “Show summary in parent” is that the app write to a normal timeline column in the parent. The same column can be used to enter the timeline when the item does not have subitems.

Hi Bas, is this a third party app? We cannot use any third party apps in our organization. Thank you.

This a an app from the monday marketplace developed by a third party. Your monday experience will be limited without using any apps from the marketplace.