Subitem timeline in item timeline (without mirroring)

Hello, I found an option to reflect subitems timeline by mirroring subitem timeline, however I have items which don’t have subitems, so I wanted to check if there is any option to show subitems timeline directly in item timeline, without mirroring?
I think it will be much better.
Thanks for answering!

hi @IlonaK

Are you looking to get the overall timeline of all your subitems into the parent item? If you use the standard “Show summary in parent” there are a few things to know.

The parent column that gets created on “Show summary in parent”:

  • is a special kind of mirror and therefore can’t be used in formulas and automations
  • when there are no subitems you can’t enter data into that parent item column

The app “Rollup Subitems” (see does solve both of these issues (and many more :slight_smile: )

Hi Bas,
Thank you for response, what I mean is that I don’t want to see additional column in the item row, what I expected is to see item timeline updated accordingly to subitems timeline changes.
Please see screenshot from my board

That is exactly what the app is doing :slight_smile:

Perhaps I explained myself not so clearly:)
Assuming you did the following steps:
Click 3 dots in the right corner of subitem timeline-> choose “Show summary on Parent Item”
If yes, I done it already and it’s not what I wanted. Since most of my items don’t have subitems I want to see only 1 Timeline column that reflect dates of the items and subitems (where applicable)
When I’m choosing this option “Show summary on Parent Item” I see 2 Timeline columns- 1 for item and the second for subitems.
Maybe I missed something?

I would recommend, for the consistency of the database, to have at least one subitem for each item.

Thanks for idea, will think about if won’t find another options:)

hi @IlonaK

The app I explained above does not use the " Show summary on Parent Item" at all. The app has its own mechanism to get the data from the subitems into a real monday timeline column in the parent item. Therefore the same timeline column can be used when you have items that doesn’t have subitems.

Hi Bas,
Thank you for explanation, I’m not surer that my company would purchase additional app, maybe you know how to fix this problem directly from

hi @IlonaK

What you want is not possible with out-of-the-box There are many area where apps extends the possibilities of If your company does not allow app, you are limited to the functionality gives you.

Ok, thank you Bas, you helped me to understood this issue.