Rollup of Subitem Status and Timeline

While I have read several options for workarounds, it would be great if the Subitem timelines (earliest Start Date and latest End Date) rolled up to the Item Timeline, instead of a new column being created. The current functionality creates challenges if you want to tag a parent Item in a dependency to a subsequent task. Again, while you can create a Mirror column, I don’t believe you should have to. It should be part of the base product.

Same request for Subitem Status, although not as pressing.

Such a basic project management feature is missing from the platform and unfortunately is not available. This is a huge show stopper for adoption for task and project management. team please prioritize this feature.

Completely agree. Rolling up into a separate colum is of no use as the item might be in a dependency chain and this won’t reflect a change of dates in sub-items unless there’s a manual updarte of the item timeline to match the sub-item roll-up. Worse, you don’t seem to be able to setup an automation to say something like:
When sub-item-rollup-timeline changes, copy those changes to the item timeline