Dependencies Automation for adjusting dates based on other date changes not working with subitems

Hello, just a quick update to throw this one in, as I was posting a response to another thread that I thought was a solution and then ran into this other issue which is affecting me now. I’ve long wanted to have or figure out how to automate the setting of a timeline date (start or end date… or both) based on a date column being updated, and vice versa. I know that there are some external apps in the marketplace now that are fulfilling this need (but would reallllly like for those to be a part of basic feature functionality), but I actually finally found the following automation in the automation center in the Dependencies section and not the Due Date section liked I’d always been searching before.

“Adjust this date to reflect the changes made in this other date of the same item”

With this, I could make changes to one or the other, and then have updates occur in the other respective column, and I was ecstatic (even if there are some flaws to it since it’s just adjusting preset values and not actively adding new data or accounting for a due date shifting, but not the entire timeline) until I discovered that it only works on the top level with items, and doesn’t work with subitems. I’ve been working alot with subitems and the versatility of rolling their data up into parent mirror columns, and so thought that this would be a solution to automating another part of my process, but unfortunately because it doesn’t work with subitems, it’s mostly useless to me at the moment.

In general, I’d like to see proper timeline and date column integration support (especially via automations) but in this particular instance if that automation in the automation center could just be pointed at subitem dates and timelines, that would fill my immediate needs.