Automate subitems dependencies and subitem due dates

When I create a new item, I’ve set up an automation to add subtasks but I want to be able to assign a due date based on the parent due date and automatically connect the dependencies.

So automate:
add subitem x at 10 work days before parent due date
add subitem y at 7 work days before parent due date and set x as a dependency
add subitem z at 3 work days before parent due date and set y as a dependency

It seems silly that you can’t automate dates for subitem based on the parent item date but I can’t figure out how to automate a date to anything other than “today” or a specific unchanging date. I assume this is because it needs a date for the automation to function but you could add a condition that the parent date needs to be populated for the automation to run. I tried doing it with IF statements which kind of works but then you can’t display those dates in a calendar view and I can’t figure out how to set the IF statement to include everything that needs to be in there to make it really functional.

Setting dependencies is also time consuming since you have to search through every item. It would be great to be able to drag to connect them (like how you can parent layers in After Effects) instead of having to do a search every time or set a function where you can select a list and automatically create dependencies based on their order.

Up on this. I have an average routine workflow where 1 item = 1 project. And within that 1 project (item) are some tasks that I need to do. I just want the subitem due dates to update automatically when I set the due date for the parent project (item), and it’s so frustrating to do.


I also need this. Any workarounds?

Any updates? This is a simple relative date assignment that some of your competitors have. Please add this as it takes my team hours to manually set due dates for subitems every quarter.

Hey all,

We developed an app that solves this exact problem of setting sub-tasks dates based on changes in its item’s date (basically a dependency item - subitem). You can also set different offsets for each subitem if needed.
See exmaple here -

Setting due dates without offsets - on creation

Setting due dates without offsets - on change

Setting due dates with offsets -

It’s brand new (released last week) and we’re going to keep on adding new capabilities.

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here -

Hope that helps!

I was looking at this app earlier today. I am trying to create a set of subitems when an item is created via automation (which I can do) that also has dependencies properly mapped (which I can’t). Would this app enable me to create a subitem template that includes properly mapped dependencies?

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Hey Alex,

We don’t support it just yet but we can definitely look at adding such support.

Can you provide a bit more details? How you board is currently set up and how you imagine it to be?

The parent item has some dependency to another item and then each subitem has the same dependency to that item?

Let me know and we’ll get to work :slight_smile:

Each item represents a project that produces a specific type of deliverable. Each project has a certain set of tasks needed to complete it, which are the subitems. We can automate all of this to be created when a project requestor fills out a form.

What I am trying to solve for is the currently manual process of mapping dependencies. I’d like to either map the dependencies as the subitems are created based on logic that the automation dictates OR duplicate the template and create a new item when a form is submitted so that the dependencies already mapped are used.

Alex I got a few follow up questions - would you mind sending me an email at

Would probably be easier to dive deeper over email.

If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll shoot them here.

Hi! The type of use case Alex Walton is describing has come up repeatedly for numerous users in our organization as well.

We need to be able to automatically create a set of subitems with pre-configured dependencies (the dependencies are between the subitems of the same parent item).

Parent Item

  • Subitem 1
  • Subitem 2
  • Subitem 3
  • Subitem 4

The subitems must happen in order, i.e. Subitem 4 is dependent on Subitem 3, which is dependent on Subitem 2, which is dependent on Subitem 1.

There isn’t a way to automate this natively. If your app can solve this, our org will consider adopting. (That being said, this organization has HIPAA data compliance requirements, so third-party apps have to be closely reviewed for security standards prior to installation.)

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Hey @arf,

Could you please send me an email to so I can better understand you use case and see if we’re able to offer a solution?

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We need this badly too. It’s hard to build templates via automations without this. PLEASE make it happen