Dependencies - Date dependencies between items and subitems

Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can help… Does anyone know if there is a way to use date dependencies on items that affect the date of subitems?

I work for an events company and we use one board per event. What I am aiming to do is be able to change one date on the board that changes the due date for items and sub-items.

Currently I can’t get this working and I have a item dependency, which changes the dates for all connected items but within those items we have several sub item tasks which I then have to manually set the dates for.

I did ask Monday help if there was a way to do this and they told me that this functionality doesn’t exist (yet!).

Is there a 3rd party app or work around for this? More than happy to share some screen shots if it’s helpful.

Really appreciate any help.


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Hey @KarlToth,

At this time, item to subitem (and vice versa) dependencies isn’t currently supported in the platform. I encourage you to cast your vote here to increase visibility and votes. Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response. Feel free to have a look around the category and see other features you would like to vote on. Your opinion matters to us :pray:

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@KarlToth I am attempting to set due dates for parent items based one , sometimes two dependent dates- would you mind sharing how you set up your dependencies and how to get the calculation of due date to work?

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Hey, we ended up using an integration called auto boost.

Autoboost have loads of formulas on their website, ( Autoboost App - How to use ) but we ended up finding what we needed by messaging them, they got back to us pretty quickly so if you’re struggling to make it work, try reaching out to them.

Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks so much- I will try them as well. I also posted a topic to see if I’m just making this too hard.

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Hello Bianca,
I cannot open the link…

Can you vérify the link?

In the roadmap 2024 (Elevate 2023), they spoke about this feature (for work os monday product). Do you have informations about this?

Thank you

Hey @Patrmg,

Check out this link instead, sorry for the issue there!

At this stage, I am unable to confirm anything super concrete, despite cross-board dependencies being something we are focusing on this year. I will provide further updates as soon as they’re shared with me :pray:

Hey @Trivia ,

We developed an app called subitem automations that’s solves this exact use case. Here are a few examples →

When subitem date is dependent on its parent item -

When subitem date is dependent on another item (connected) -

There are obviously more options but will let you find those out :slight_smile:
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

@BiancaT I’d also like an update on this - the link is no longer working