Allow dependencies between subitems/items/groups

Right now it’s only possible to connect dependencies between same-level items. It becomes very important for our work to allow dependencies across different levels. Sometimes sub-tasks within a group depend on other groups or larger tasks, rather than other sub-tasks.

Other combinations are also relevant, such as a task depending on a sub-task in another group/workspace.


I would like to set subitems as dependent on main items, but this does not seem possible. Am I missing something?

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I need the same.

Me three!!! I need main items in various groups to be dependent on subitems of different groups - why is this not working as an option? Thanks and any guidance would be great!


I would love to have the ability to connect a subitem to a main item with dependencies. I have built a social media planner and have subitems as tasks related to the main item. I would be such a game changer if my subitem dependencies were linked to the posting date of the main item. Please do this!!!

In the roadmap 2024 (Elevate 2023), they spoke about this feature (for work os monday product).

Do you have informations about this?

Thank you

Same, we need sub-items to be able to refer to main tasks.

Hey all,

It’s possible to connect subitems to an item (in this order). What you need to do is to add connected boards column to the subitem itself and then do the actual connection.

We developed an app called subitem automations that provides robust automation capabilities to subitems and allows to do this automatically in certain cases.

Hope this helps!

Hello @BiancaT
Do you have informations about this feature?
It’s normaly in the roadmap 2024?
Thank you for your help.

It is so restrictive not having this feature – it makes it impossible to have a functioning gantt chart and project timeline, making the subtask updates so manual and time-consuming. Please can we get an update on this?