Additional Layers of Subitems and Dependency support for subitems

We use Monday to manage dozens of our projects but we run into some limitations when it comes to sub items. Is there any timeline about adding more than one layer of subitems to Monday? With the addition of the dependency column, I was hoping that we could utilize subitems better to build out more detailed Gantt charts and project timelines. However, only having one layer of subitems and Dependencies only working on item levels, I was wondering when we could expect to have these features added?
Having the ability to add granularity by sub-dividing tasks further than just a single level, and allowing them to hold dependencies to other levels the just the main task would be exceedingly valuable.
Please consider adding these features to your backlog, as it will only increase the value and service your product can provide!!

Hey Zach!

We have existing feature requests open that you might be interested in adding your vote to, to help bring these features to life:

  1. Subitems under subitems
  1. Allow dependencies between subitems/items/groups

As of now, greater subitem hierarchies are being considered by our development team, so stay tuned :pray: