Ability To Have Multiple SubItems

Unless I am not aware how to do it. Right now you can only have one subitem under an item. It would be nice to have more than one different subitem groups.

Hey @rlarkinrs,

Are you essentially interested in having subitems within subitems? Similar to this feature request → Subitems under Subitems! = Sub-subitems? I just want to be sure I am understanding your request correctly :pray:

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What this would be to me, is the ability to see the items from each connected items column as a group of subitems. But would only work well if that connect items board was only connected to a single board.

This fits with the paradigm that subitems are really just another board, and the connect items column is hidden for it.

Nice idea Cody! Would you be happy to post this as a seperate feature request? I believe your request differs a little from the idea of having multiple sets of subitems - want to make sure it gets the eye/votes it deserves :raised_hands:

Its been suggested before. I’d have to find the thread, like two years ago.

Think this one’s it - Subitems: templates, multiple groups, multiple subitem columns - #2 by KCahill?

Hey @BiancaT, I have been trailing out “projects” for project management and agree the sub items need to have sub items under them. When working on a project you can have many levels, therefore Monday needs to reflect this under sub items, so for me this doesn’t work. I like the simplicity of Monday but due to this function not being available I am having to look at other software to do what I need.

I also think the subitems should enable users to send email automations against them, which you currently do not support