Subitems under Subitems (further subitem hierarchy)

Moving over from Asana here. We need sub items within sub items!

Some tasks are very complex, and it would be nice to view without having to switch boards.
Ex: Phase 1

hey @kmin welcome to the community!

there are a couple work arounds to this that I’ve used

  1. there is a handy checklist featuer in the updates section which allows for checklist on subitems - no automations are tied to this, but in general this is very helpful feature.
  2. the other option I’ve done here is a connect boards column on subitems. This essentially creates the sub-subitems, but requires an extra click or two to get into the details of the connceted board.
    But if you add the ‘Item Card’ view to subitems you can see all the connected items in the item card.

Again not exactly what you are looking for, BUT I would argue if the above 2 solutions don’t work for you, and you still really want ‘sub-subitems’ that it may be better to create a separate board entirely for your project etc…

hope that helps :smiley:


Hey @timlittletech thanks for your help!

  1. I’ll definitely keep in mind the checklist idea, though it has its limitations, maybe it will work! :pray:
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Could you explain the checklist feature? I can’t find it.

Hey @Birrgit here is the monday article on checklist feature:



Subsubitems was one of the first possibilities I was looking into when starting to use, it would be easier to have these, than creating another separate board and “messing around” with views and having to keep tabs on yet another board. For asset tracking: System → Items part of a system e.g. PC → accessories, software or licenses of said PC.

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This option works but is only second best. It is less clear than if we’d have sub-subitems. Also, it needs a lot of extra clicks when working on the checklist (open the checklist, then choose “Update bearbeiten”, click on the task and then “save”).
I miss sub-subitems a lot and hope it will introduced soon :wink:


@kmin @Michael_H @Barbara @Birrgit

My name is Mabel, I am on the product team of a software company, a partner of Monday. Great to meet you, albeit virtually!

We’re conducting interviews to increase our understanding of the workarounds, pain points and your needs around sub-subitems. As active users of Monday, your experience is invaluable to us, and your feedback can help us create a solution for you, which is our ultimate goal!

Would you be up for a 20-minute chat over Zoom? As a token of appreciation for your time and insight, we’re offering an incentive. If you’re interested to take part, please suggest a day and time that suits you and I’ll do my best to be available.

You can reach me out here or at Thank you!

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Hi Mabel,

That sounds amazing! I would love to join an interview.
I am free this Friday 9-12. Feel free to just invite me to a calendar event.

Feel free if you want to join.

Hi @kmin

Thank you very much for reaching out!
For better and direct communication, would you mind sending me an email at ? From there, we can start to schedule a session!

Thank you very much!

Hey Mabel,

Just a quick question, you mentioned that you are a partner of Monday, but does that mean you are not with the actual software company Monday? Do you create software for Monday / give Monday feedback, or are you a totally independent business?


I have to vote on this and then get back to work finagling monday to do what I need it to do!

Thank you @timlittletech for the checklist idea - it might help for some use-cases, but not very reportable, and would be hard to automate with. (I’m thinking of progress indicators here like 7/10 checkboxes means this subitem is 70% done.)

The way subitems seem to be handled, IMHO, needs a lot of thought. (Only three automations come up as as a suggestion, and you can’t build your own having subitems are just some of the examples.)

Linking the boards isn’t a practical option in the long run either. It becomes very hard to build a template to roll-out a new project where you have to create a ton of links between boards just to get them to work, it almost defeats the purpose of having the templates, other than you have consistent shells each time.

There are many times that you need to have sub-subitems. If anyone has managed staff before, you can most likely name two past (or present) employees that are on the opposite ends: one you can tell “put on your shoes,” and the other that needs “place left foot into left shoe, tighten laces on left shoe, tie left shoe…” The task of putting on your shoes is already part of the task “prepare to go outside,” so where do you put those detailed instructions? (I’m sorry if you live in an area where you just put on sandals and head out to the beach - I’m jealous and won’t help you! :laughing:)

This may be a simplistic example, but there are many real-world applications that require steps deeper than just a subitem or subtask. The example used in PCs for example, could also be extended. The days of just a monitor, terminal and keyboard are long gone. A PC has several components to it, and can have several accessories attached. This would end up creating spaghetti-lookups, and much like spaghetti-code, is not ideal. (Now I’m hungry and have to get back to work!)

tldr; We need more than just the one subitem level, but could probably adapt to monday much easier if you could do more with the subitems, or at least had sub-subitems.


Hi @Bill_In_Ohio

I am reaching out to you for something you might want to try out.

We are looking for feedback on a new concept we are building that will allow you to create sub-subitems. We will want to hear your thoughts and candid opinion on your experience using this early-stage concept.
Will you be up for a 30 min session to try it out? If you’re interested to take part, you can reach me out here or at Thank you!

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I would be interested in participating in a feedback session for sub-subitems. It’s a feature I would love to have!

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Thank you for interest! Would you be available this week for a chat? Let me know how I can reach out to you or you can write an email here Thank you!

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+1 for this need as well! Many of our workflows (especially things like disaster recovery failovers, complex technical projects) really need to be able to have at least one more layer of subitems. Sub-subitems. While we are loving the tool overall, I am getting a bit of flak from users having to get creative with workarounds.

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This was likely already mentioned, but a big reason for this not happening (yet) and why overall features and functionality for subitems seem to take a while to take shape is due to the architecture of subitems. Subitems are held in a completely separate board and do not reside in the current board they are added to.

Based on this, the subitems of subitems would then be in yet another board and so on. This of course brings complications for design and overall functionality.

Maybe someday though! :slight_smile:

Hi Mabel, I’m looking to switch a team of about 125 users from a custom FileMaker Pro system (process tracking hybrid board system) to a new system built in (if our test phase works well, we could move up to 400 employees over).

The biggest obstacle I seem to be running into is the current limitations found in the “Subitem” column. It’s really important that this column be editable to a different kind of column such as a pull down, etch and that it can link to a separate item from another board.

Just a totally random example here for demonstration, but say we are working in Board 1 called “Upload Packages” and the “items” are all Packages with specific names.
In Board 2, called “Delivery Files,” the Items are a list of all movie files have been or will be delivered to our executives for review.
What is needed in Board 1/Packages, is for the users be able to create a subitem under Packages items and select from a list of the client delivery files / items from Board 2 (linked), if that makes sense?

Currently, it seems that I can’t link the first column called “Subitem” in the Subitem spin-down section to “Items” from other tables/boards (you can only enter random text there). I can however link second column but (!) I’m stuck with that random text field to the left. The biggest problem with that Subitem column being text (and not linkable) is that we are needing our users to never add random/unique text in the subitem section, especially in such an important slot (most every selection a user must make is from multiple choices / pulldowns for efficiency and human error reduction) so that text (which must be filled with something and can not be left blank) would become a big problem. I see there’s some other web based systems that allow for this the same way Filemaker does but I prefer Monday currently.

Is there any way tho that I’m not seeing yet where I can this happen?

I would love subitems under subitems as well but I would definitely want subitem linking set up first.

Thank you!


Hey friends, we’re really excited that our first app has just been released onto the marketplace! We wanted to extend the subitems functionality, to let you add subitems to subitems. With our app, Unlimited Subitems, you can now add as many levels of subitems as you need! We’ve launched the app as a free beta, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. You can check it out on the marketplace!
Thanks! Adaptavist Team