Subitems deleted when pulse was moved to a different board

I have a bunch of task boards that all have the same layout in different workspaces. The idea was to easily be able to move a task from one board to another should a different team need to continue working on it. The problem is that if I move a pulse that has sub-items, all of those sub-items are removed and I have to recreate them. There was already a subitem column created the destination board, those sub-items should transfer with the pulse.

Wij hebben inderdaad hetzelfde probleem. Hoe kunnen wij de subitems mee dupliceren?

I believe this has been covered in a few other community threads but just want to re-affirm my vote for this to be sorted out. I’ve also had this problem when trying to move tasks with sub-items from one board to another and losing the sub-items data. We depend a lot on our automations for moving tasks to different boards and now are completely restricted on what we can do due to sub-items (a feature which has been a welcomed addition and one we are now actively using).

Do we have any ETA when a fix for this would be implemented as I will assume this may be a highly requested fix and something that should have been acknowledged when building sub-items knowing your community use automations and multiple boards.

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It’s on the Subitems Map, but looks to be a bit down the list, so you might have to find an interim workaround.

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Just want to upvote this thread. This should be an essential feature of sub-item. I built a process that so heavily relies on sub-items and imagine my horror when I discovered I wouldn’t be able to move this project to the next board.

Next best thing I can think to do is duplicate my whole board and delete the items I don’t want or need on the copy.

Just want to echo everyone else’s thoughts on this. The sub-items are a great addition and my team changed our process to include sub-items then found out we can’t copy them over.