Subitem Column Data Not Transferring to New Board

I am working a new project board that relies on our quality dept to check off their individual tasks for each part they have to oversee. I have all the different tasks as subitems on each part number, and once they all have marked their tasks comlpete, the item and its corresponding sub-items move to a ‘completed’ board to keep from our active projects board being overtaken with work that is no longer active. But, when I have the now completed item moved over to the completed board with the automations, all the subitem data like the completed dates, statuses, and comments all are wiped away. When doing the automations transfer, the data on the main item remains, but the subitems are wiped out. Is there some fix to make sure all the subitem data remains during the board transfer?

Hey Justin! My initial thought for why this may be happening is that you don’t have all the same types of subitem columns and numbers of those columns on the board the subitems are moving to.

Your completed board will need to have the same types and numbers of subitem columns (for example, two subitem Email Columns instead of just one if the original board had two) in order for the information to map correctly.

Do you think this could be the issue?

I thought that was my issue initially, but when manually selecting the items to move from the completed board back to the original, it prompts me that all the columns are transferrable as they have matching data columns on both boards.