Subitems under Subitems (further subitem hierarchy)

As a user, I would appreciate the ability to indent pulse titles to give the appearance of sub-tasks or sub-sets (or sub tasks).

Currently, pulses are limited to one level which is restrictive.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for sharing. We have heard this from other users and we are considering this suggestion. Right now, I don’t have any concrete decision on whether we’re likely to implement sub-tasks but we’ll pass this feedback along. If you could let us know a use case, that would be really helpful :slight_smile:


I will look into the use case per se but I think it’s pretty straight forward here no ?
The concept of parent/child tasks is basic in any project management solution, this ask (to indent) is really meant to be a first phase in actual sub-task relations. The indentation will at least give the impression it’s related.
Thanks for considering :wink:


Thanks for clarifying, Danny. I know we have a general anti sub-tasks stance here at - Subtasks are messy, they are too easily hidden away, they get forgotten and ruin your ability to truly see everything in one place. So we encourage our users to make a pulse for everything.

Saying that, with the development of the platform into a much more flexible tool, some sort of middle ground like indented pulses is something we are considering. A decision is yet to be made and I don’t know how the solution would look, if it’s something we indeed decide to implement (indentation v nested/collapsed pulses). Will keep you in the loop with any updates!

1 Like, so do you create lots of Groups on a Board? Or lots of Boards? How does the MDC team get around not having sub folders and sub tasks?


There’s an article in the support that I shared with our organisation, to help them get on board with no subtasks. It worked! Or at least they stopped asking me about it.

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I just saw this! I can talk for myself (as I think everyone here will have their own practice) - I use the checklist or simply add notes in the update section to dissect the steps needed to complete a task. I try to add my items to the board as the most low form of task I can to avoid the need for sub-tasks.

If sub-tasks are too complex to integrate in Monday, then at least offer a better way to link boards together! I read your blog and personally, I totally disagree with it’s underlying notion of eliminating the hierarchy of work to be done; you just can’t get away from it in the real world, unless of course you’re using Monday to manager your grocery list … In our reality, we use Monday to manage large digital strategy solutions that break down into multiple milestones. tasks and yes, sub-tasks. If you’re going to scrap the concept of sub-tasks, that’s fine but you can’t scrap the concept of hierarchy. In you example, you refer to creating extra boards to manage individual tasks; this is just another way of breaking down the hierarchy and that’s fine, it’s another way to manage sub-tasks. The problem here is cross-board functionalities are quite limited. To do this, there’s at least 3 functionalities that need to be integrated into Monday;
(1) Board, Group and Pulse embedding into an existing board - THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
(2) Pulse linking to Boards or Groups that when clicked, open as a modal (like you do in the MyWeek interface) - This is actually an alternate suggestion for point (1) here.
(3) Better board organization (the folders panel on the left which is a hot topic here already). This needs to be improved if you’re going to suggest Monday’ers create multiple boards for different levels of tasks. I’m reaching the hundreds of boards now and it’s getting messy; again because you’re denying the importance of the whole parent/child concept (sub-tasks, hierarchy …)

That’s my food for thought :slight_smile:


Hey Danny,

Thanks so much for your reply and your feedback! We have heard many of our users explain the importance of subtasks to them and their organization as well as many requests for enhanced board connectivity. We have listened to our users and have taken all their thoughts and examples into consideration. As such, we are currently working on a few new changes to the platform that will include both subtasks and increased options for board connectivity.

I loved reading your request because this is the exact direction we are planning on going in our implementation of subtasks!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts once it’s released in the coming months :slight_smile:

In terms of folders, are you looking for subfolders or merely to minimize the number of folders you are seeing on your left pane? If it’s the latter, are you currently subscribing to certain boards and then only viewing the boards to which you are subscribed?

Let me know and I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Great thread! I would like to add that you have the option right now to link pulses and use the mirror column to directly show columns from other boards in the board you’re working with. The link to pulse column does bring up the information held in the primary board in the pop out view (card view) which you have in my week, as you mentioned. Do you use these features? I think they’re the starting point for what you’re requesting and I’m really excited about the new additions we have planned for these features to make them even more powerful!


It would be great if one of the new updates included a merge of the link to pulse and mirror columns. We’d love to link a bunch of project boards to a high level board but it would require an additional two columns per board. If it was possible for one column to link to ANY pulse on ANY board that would be amazing!


Hey Krishele,

I apologize for missing your reply! That is definitely something we have planned!

I’d love to hear more about your workflow and how you’d envision setting this up as we are still brainstorming the best possible ways :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi No problem. For us the most basic use would be for one column to be labeled “Personal Boards.” Each member of a team has a personal board so we could then connect their pulse to the project/team board. This allows us to keep the team board up to date which is a major issue for some of our teams right now.


Thanks so much for your reply!
Would you consider setting up the Team project board with all the tasks and then using the new crossboard automation to create a duplicate item in the personal board:

Alternatively, you could use the link to item in the personal board.

But, as mentioned, we are planning on having the link to item column work with multiple boards so once that’s out that will work for you!


Hi thanks for the automation suggestion. I’m guessing this is one of the new crossboard automations? I havent had a chance to look at those yet. Any chance they’ll get their own category header in the new automations center?

We’ll have a look to use this on some boards but for our big Marketing Team board I think we’ll wait for the updated link column.

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Hey @Krishele , they are brand new and right now are being listed as “Featured” but I’m not sure if they will add a section specifically for crossboard automations, it definitely sounds likely! For now, if you search “board” in the search field it will pull up all the crossboard automations.

Hope that helps!



I would like to put in my two cents about this topic. I think it would be very useful if we could have the item created through your suggestion of automation link to the original item. The image below will probably clarify what I mean better:

Do you think this is something you could implement?

Tank you!


@RimDK Love that suggestion and definitely see how it could be useful! I’ll be happy to pass it along to our developers who are working on automations and integrations :slight_smile:

Let us know if there’s anything else you need,


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I have already suggested a feature as a new colum named “Link to Item’s”.-
The funcionality of the column is similar to the “link to item” column, but it will contain 1 or many items from another board.-

This could be used in case of using Purchase Orders, one board for purchase orders, and another board with the database of items that can be purchased, so i can call one or more, and if i call for example 10 items, they must be easily to view!


Hi Julia, sub tasks would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to have. I miss them every day with your tool. Almost ALL other PM tools have them and l find it a real negative for Monday that you dont. Infact, nested tasks are ubiquitous in the world of PM. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please can we have sub tasks???