Nested Checklists?

Is it possible to create a nested checklist in an update?

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Hey @thecza - Can you tell us a bit more about how you are looking to make use of the checklist?

Are you looking to have sub checklists?

Would having subitems help with this?

P.S. We are looking to release subtask in the next month or two:

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I noticed “subitems” in the Labs section of Monday. I activated them but wasn’t sure how to use them??!?!?!?!?

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Right-click any item/pulse and you’ll see an extra context menu item Add Subitem (Alpha)

You’ll also see an extra Subitems column added to your board indicating which items have how many subitems.

I see that you can also add a subitem by hovering over the Subitem column on any item and clicking the plus (+) sign. Clicking also toggles subitems to hidden/revealed.

Interestingly, subitems can have a different column structure to the main items on the board.

I see no way of moving subitems to different items on the board.

Thx, John! The new column structure is a bit odd. I mean maybe it’s a cool feature but i’m not sure I understand the intent behind it.

Yes, I suspect boards with subitems will start looking quite messy. I’m in two minds about it. I’m sure many will welcome it.

Ah I just opened another topic on this, because I have enabled the subitems and use them happily, but none of my team members can see them.
They’re not very useful to me if I cannot let my team see what subitems I have created.

Have your team members refreshed their browsers?

Yes, I even asked one to log out and back in.

But now, a few hours later, I hear that they have started to see the subitems column… except now all my subitems that I had created are gone and they are starting from scratch to create them again.

That’s my experience of alpha/beta testing features. Expect the unexpected.